How to Make Your WordPress Blog More User-Friendly

If your WordPress blog represents your business, and you would want it to generate more sales and revenue for you, or use it as a means to divert traffic to your business website, you have to do one simple thing. Make it user-friendly. A user-friendly blog will be easy to use for visitors, make it easier for them to search for information and get what they want. Here are some easy tips to make your WP blog more user-friendly.

-Let them share content

Place Social Media Share Buttons below every page or blog posts, so that readers can get the chance to share content easily. WordPress comes with some default widgets and plugins in its system and you can install them easily. Social share buttons can let your users share content with friends over social websites. This is a simple way to do online marketing and expand your audience.

-Create Forms

If you want visitors to share their feedbacks, suggestions and opinions with you, or simply contact your business for making enquiries or for placing orders, using web forms can be a great idea. With the help of online widgets you can easily place Booking Forms, Email Forms and Contact Forms.

-Get a superior hosting company

Never settle for a poor hosting service provider. You can never be sure about their services. This will have an impact on the functionalities and performance of your website. It will create plenty of issues, such as server timeout rate. With a better uptime, you can ensure that your website visitors get the required information at anytime they want.

-Develop Site Map

A sitemap can be useful for your blog visitors to have a clear idea about your blog structure and the content hierarchy. You should create a proper sitemap in XML format for your WordPress blog. It is very easy to develop site maps with the help of plugins such as Google XML. There are free online tools such as Website Optimizer and Webmaster Central, which can be useful for sitemap creation.

-Limit Flash usage

When you are attempting blog optimization, avoid using too much Flash. Flash increases the load time of blogs unnecessary, and is not customer friendly. Flash is not recognized by search engines. Fast performing blogs rank well on Google SERPs (search engine results pages), and limiting the usage of Flash can be useful for the Google ranking of your WordPress blog.